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photographer by nature  - artist by expression - writer by accident - human by chance

A seeker of light, color, and depth, I find myself drawn to compositional design and self expression. With story-telling as a primary means of communication, I examine issues important to me: the environment, studies on femininity, and attempting to illustrate the non-communicable. Art opens my mind to itself, expanding my own understanding, in efforts to reconcile truths and enlighten communal reflection. Though I am an artist primarily working with photographic imagery, I experiment with poetic writing, bookmaking, video, as well as work with wood, wax encaustic and other mediums.

I am constantly inspired by the world and people around me - one of the many reasons I have an intense passion for travel. While the images I gather from around the globe could be considered “Travel Photography”, the images take on my expression of the place rather than documenting the destination.

Aside from spending time in my studio or wandering about, I love working closely with people to capture meaningful imagery. From creating portraits that highlight personality and establish character to capturing events like concerts and the Kentucky Derby, working with people and collaborating gives me the challenge I crave by consistently inviting fresh perspectives. 

When I’m not in my studio or working behind the camera, you will likely find me outside roaming, in the garden, or consuming art of all varieties.

Image cred: Maja Fus

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