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       in the Water

     A mirror reflects whatever stands before its frame; appearing identical, the image is in fact the exact reverse of our physical reality.  Our experiences in the world can act as mirrors, providing reflections of ourselves, our emotions, and concepts of life.  When drenched in fear, for instance, courage can be found.  In times of loss, there is much to gain.  Discovery of identity is often established in times of anonymity.  Connection and loneliness, confusion and understanding, solitude and companionship, are all necessary marriages of life.  Reflection, then, must also have a complementary force.  Where mirrors cannot reflect, blankness exists within the blind-spots - the unknowable. 

Light and shadow must both be present to create an image. 

Dear Friend,


These poems were written for you, through me. 

See what I see, for my eyes gaze on your mirrors. 

Hear my voice; my words are spoken 

Through you. 


November 8, 2017



Sit with me awhile, 

I will keep you company.

Share your story,

And I will be your ears.

Tell me your dreams,

Open up to your fears.

Look into my eyes,

I may show you mirrors.


Please, come.

Sit with me awhile,

And keep me company.

Aug 3, 2018


Some of the darkest days


Reveal the sun so clearly


Sept 22, 2018


What better way 

To conquer a fear

Than to embrace it 

At the end of things


October 5, 2018


I find peace amongst the trees;

My heart flows to the song of the birds,

As the birches dance in the breeze.


Light is seen differently here, never to repeat.

The sun shines through the windows of the forest,

Illuminating the luscious green bed 

and yellow canopy.

The trees soak in life, rejoicing with a show,

The leaves glow in the rays with every opportunity.


Here, the truth of impermanence is clear:

The colors of these woods ever-changing, 

Repainted by the tones of the season.

In this northern autumn, the palette soothes me.

I watch, as each breath of wind 

takes the fading leaves;

They dance to the forest bed for their final rest

As they know they will nourish life to come.


I feel comfortable and welcome here,

Resting on this mossy, fallen tree,

Embraced by a foreign land 

Thousands of miles from home.

There’s familiarity in this forest,

Though I have only just begun.


by the spaces 








October 22, 2018


Roaming the colorful streets, 

My passion rejoices; 

So much life to absorb, 

So much light to give.


Wandering in foreign lands,

I am comfortable in my skin; 

Free of expectation, 

My soul comes alive.


Exploring the unknown is my sanctuary;

Inspiration seeps from an endless pool, 

Where possibilities await.


The Earth is my muse, 

Its inhabitants my friends, 

My family, 

My loves. 

Through them, I gain power, 

I gain energy, 

I am nourished by creativity. 


Out in the world, 

I become myself.

2018_Poland_Tatra_Oct16_PS-0156 copy cop
2018_Poland_Wroclaw_Oct25-PS1678 copy co

November 1, 2018


Caked in dust

Tucked away in a dimly-

Lit room

The smell of musk

Only to be seen by few


Cracks in the surface

Fog distorting the view

Age alters its frame

Yet each set of eyes sees

Brand new


November 20, 2018


There are mirrors all around

Reflections in the skies

Light cast in the unknown

Even in strangers passing by

And, my Friend, 

There are bright mirrors

In your eyes


My heart breaks 

By deceit

Of its own beat


And each time

I fool myself

And nobody else

September 22, 2017


She will find herself through the fog

With a heart of fire and a chill in her breath

At the end of the beaten road


January 21, 2019


Walking through the wilderness, 

I have seen similar lands. 

I know the scent of the bark, 

The touch of the stone, 

The sound of the leaves bristling in the wind. 


But here and now, 

Covered in a blanket of snow, 

This winter wonderland captivates me, 

Sending my heart into the depths of discovery.


As I turn each corner, 

I’m delighted by sculpture; 

The sunlight glistening in the icy woods. 

Like the gentle hands of an artist, 

The wind molds water into dazzling forms. 

The sight is beautiful and pure, 

Untainted by the world outside its realm. 

The energy here keeps me warm; 

The frozen waters challenge and support me.

Footprints in the snow keep me from harm,

Further into the depths of the forest, I go.


With fresh eyes and a lifted heart, 

I want to dance into the unknown

And burst into tears.

These foreign lands of home 

Fill me with a lingering fear, 

As excitement continually grows. 


Though this was never planned,

This new found home is wondrous.

As snow dusted trees take my hand, 

And guide me into the frosted wilderness.


In the depths of the unknown

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