She Is

What is femininity? What does it look like? How do we perceive femininity in our culture? How do you capture it? While constructing a photographic exhibition to study the idea of femininity, I took a survey from people both anonymously and directly, asking for one word that they think describes “feminine”, or “femininity”. From this, a book concept was born from the words and thoughts collected through people in my community. 

She Is is a portrait of Femininity.

Does She stand alone


Or is She the compliment



to Masculine

Is She defined by Her beauty

The curve of Her body

Some call her weak


Maybe it's Her confidence

They fear

Or maybe

She is simply

a thought

An idea

Constructed by generations




She is a goddess

Soft as flowers

Tough as nails

She is 




She Is, #3 of 20 editions, 2015

Wood, wax encaustic, lace, paper, string, archival printed photography (on matte)

*website version has been slightly adjusted (2020)

© 2020 by Shaena Neal

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